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What camera to use

Most of us will remember our first camera, whether it was digital, 35mm or Polaroid but can you remember taking your first picture?

Probably not, because most of us started taking photographs when we were little.

There’s something about cameras that draws kids like a magnet. Teaching a child how to take pictures could be the spark that starts a life-long interest.

But which camera to buy and how much to pay for it?

Whilst the cost of digital cameras has dropped significantly over the past few years they can still be expensive to someone on a tight budget. There is also the age of the child to take into consideration because sooner or later there is a high risk the camera is going to get dropped.

If that makes you nervous, the kid will pick up on it, and they’ll be nervous too. This is supposed to be fun!

The best way to get over your anxiety is to use a camera you don’t really care about when you’re teaching. Use an old one, or pick up a cheap used model, or even use a disposable camera. That way you won’t get anxious or mad if an accident happens.

If you want to get your kid their own camera, there are plenty of kid-friendly models on the market from V- Tech and Fisher Price for the 2 to 6-year-old age range. 

Older kids (8 and up) can handle simple point-and-shoot models. Alternatively, choose an entry-level DSLR/bridge camera. Bridge cameras are very user-friendly and you don’t spend a lot of money.

Oh yeah, and be sure to teach them to turn the camera off when they’re done. Good to learn that early.

For all our book projects Josh & Sophie have used a Fujifilm HS 20EXR

How to hold a camera.