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Creating Patterns

Photography Activities for Kids is a series of project idea eBooks designed to develop an interest in photography in 7-11 year old children.

They will not teach everything there is to know about Digital Photography.

The most important thing about the projects in all our eBook is for the young photographer not to worry about messing it up or be too disappointed with their efforts but to:

  • Use their imagination to put their own stamp on each project.
  • To be creative and photograph things as they see it.
  • To be as artistic as they want to be
  • And most of all TO HAVE FUN

The main emphasis of these eBooks is that you don’t have to have a fancy camera to produce interesting images nor do you have to be an adult. To highlight this unique concept, all project photographs have been taken by Josh, aged 7, and Sophie, aged 5.

Photography is all about recording images. We cannot guarantee great works of art by tomorrow afternoon, but we can provide the tools to kick-start the enthusiasm to achieve that goal.

Please note that all our products are sold as pdf eBooks.

Photography Activities for Kids
Photography Activities for Kids
Creating Patterns: Introducing Kids to the world of photography. Simple ideas to capture exciting images and inspire the building blocks for the Masterpieces of tomorrow.