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Camera Basics

Children today are growing up in a very visual world, full of advertising and marketing, where everything they see can impact their personality and character. A big chunk of their learning development is through the visual and creative aspect of their lives. Having kids learn photography at an early age can further their progress, increase vocabulary and stimulate imagination and resourcefulness.

Now that digital cameras are affordable for all, it’s a great time to introduce kids to photography and explore how they see things. Although Purple Chameleon Books are aimed at primary school ages, inquisitive children should not be limited by their age as it’s never too early for them to hold a camera and click a button.

This section is a guide to the basics of photography like framing up the shot and focus. We will also cover ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

What camera to use

How to hold a camera

Framing a shot – Rule of Thirds

Focus Points

ISO Explained

Automatic Mode

Camera Scene Modes

Aperture Priority Mode

Shutter Priority Mode

Program Mode

Manual Mode