Digital cameras for kids is fast becoming the norm. They are more adept with technology than many adults and are able to handle the digital world with remarkable skill and an abundance of enthusiasm, gone are the days of learning from books. The instant feedback of a digital camera motivates them to continue exploring, and soon they will be creating mini-masterpieces full of inspiration and fantasy.

Purple Chameleon Books has a series of photography books being published at regular intervals over the coming years. Each one is will provide some simple ideas to encourage a child’s imagination to run riot.

The first book in the series, Creating Patterns, was published on Monday 30th September 2013.

Intended titles for the remaining books will be:

Food & Drink, Out & About & No 4, which currently has no title.

We are also working on a book using digital manipulation software and will be basing it around Photoshop Elements. This one will take a little longer to put together as we are intending it to be an interactive e-book.

All of our books will be available as a pdf directly from this website or as an e-book through Amazon, Photography Activities for Kids: Creating Patterns.