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About Us

A little about us at Purple Chameleon Books:

John & I are both photographers. It came as no surprise when our Grandson Josh developed an interest in photography at a very young age. I must admit that we have shamelessly encouraged him and he loves it.

The idea for this series of books is the result of one of those conversations at the dinner table; with the main champion being Josh himself. Josh decided I would do the writing and he, then aged 7, would take all the project images with a bit of help from little sister Sophie, then aged 5. Any additional images we used were taken by John or myself.

So what was the idea?

A series of photography activity books that give kids some fun ideas to explore the world through the lens of a camera. Allowing them to develop the ideas as only a child’s imagination can whilst learning at the same time. Yet, giving them the freedom to have fun without getting hung up over ISO, depth of field, aperture and shutter speeds.

Put simply – its all about going out, exploring the surroundings and taking pictures and HAVING FUN.

Parents interested in photography can pick up some great ideas to take fantastic pictures too!